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NYC Pizza snobs take note, this is Greek style pizza!! And these fine folks do it up rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!

A good buddy of mine brought Starch-boy, myself and his two sons here a few weekends ago, the place was packed at 2:25PM!! Parking wasn't too bad for this area of Kirkland, they have their own parking lot and there are spaces up the street, if you must. Believe me, it's worth the wait and hassle of finding a spot. This place is rock'n with locals so don't diss!

Pizza was the typical "Greek" style pizza, thicker bread-like crust, oiled up to perfection and baked just right. My fav were the GRINDERS! Nothing too fancy, just meat piled up with a bit of lettuce, tomato, sauce and a little ka-pow, served up fast on a French roll! My bud's youngest got a pasta dish, it was HUGE!! And man did it look and smell good! I can't rate the taste as he wasn't sharing!!!

A fine family run place, the waitresses serve it up fast with plenty of Aloha... I mean OPA!

- D.J. Y. of Shoreline, WA

Best Grinders ever! The restaurant is cheap, casual, the people are super friendly and has really good food!!! :)

I highly reccomend the Canadian Bacon Grinder. Yum!!!

- Melissa O. of Redmond, WA

Its my tried and true lunch spot for a Grinder and a Beer. NEVER LET ME DOWN!!

And the Greek style pizza's are the best around, you won't find a better lunch spot for the price.

Also, get some Garlic bread from here if you are in a pinch and need some to take home for dinner.

two words: TURKEY GRINDER.

so unbelievably naughty and fattening, but good lord, so good. If you are having a craving for eating something bad for you, but oh so good... go. The turkey grinder came highly recommended to me, and it so didn't disappoint. Friendly family owned restaurant... right now they are on vacation for like a month! D'oh!

- Carly L. of Kirkland, WA

I could eat here every day.

Family owned and run. Friendly, efficient staff. Laid back decor -- comfortable for me to stumble into in sweats and Crocs, as well as girls dressed up in their ho-heels.

And the FOOD. A-MA-ZING baked pasta and grinders. Delicious Greek-style pizza. Everything is fresh, with high-quality flavorful ingredients.

Excellent for take-out or eating in. Thank god for this place.

- Jim C. of WA

One of my favorite places to eat in Kirkland, Acropolis does NOT serve Greek food as many other reviewers have pointed out. Their menu consists of Grinders (toasted sub sandwiches), Italian food and pizzas.

At around $7.50 for a BIG sandwich, Acropolis is one of the best deals in Kirkland. The turkey grinder in particular is great, and can easily be shared with another person (although I always end up eating a whole one on my own). They don't serve fries here, but the salads are a reasonable side. The garlic and cheese breads are pretty good too, but aren't the best compliment to a sandwich. The $7.50 gets you a grinder only, it doesn't come with any sides (although there is a lunch special that does).

Drinks are a great deal as well, $1.75 will get you a soda with unlimited refills (better deal than the pitcher), and there are two types of beer (Bud light and Red hook) that you can get by the pitcher for $8 and $10 respectively. A pitcher is about 5 glass fulls, and anyone who spends time in Kirkland knows that 5 glasses of beer for $8 is an amazing deal. On the other hand Acropolis probably isn't the place to go for a wild Friday night out, the decor isn't up to the same standards as the rest of the overly trendy downtown Kirkland scene.

Still, if you like good food at reasonable prices, you really can't do better than Acropolis. Highly recommended.

- Fyl J. of Kirkland, WA

If you want a really yummy, gooey, bad for your waistline, good for your tummy lunch- this is the place to get it. Something so poetic about a mixture of Greek/Italian food. Get a half of a sandwich (which looks like a whole, seriously like 6 inches) and a salad and you will see Jesus Christ....seriously. He came to my table and told me about the meaning of life. (Some secrets I will not share, however) Get yourself there and find out for yourself!

- J.J. of Kirkland, WA